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Giant art box

MYARTBOX represents the commercial offer of the artist aNa, which offers services or creative kits for activities, team building and creative and artistic performances.


aNa moves or ships material according to two formulas:
- she creates live by involving groups and guests (interactive performance and live painting) or
- she creates in workshop then sends the kit of material which a team of animation ensures the realization during your events.

We imagine frescoes and graffiti more or less large depending on the number of participants.

His works are executed on transparent material with:
- a face for the artist's drawing
- the other side reserved for the color contribution of the groups

This interactive method ensures a playful and truly creative way of constituting a common and collaborative work to be displayed as a decorative souvenir. Everyone is free to express themselves or must illustrate a general theme.

Here the overall unfolded format is 2000x1700mm.
The cylinder constituted by the rolled sheet represents a very ergonomic shape for the animation.
It is very natural to turn around.
The transparent surface offers maximum visibility.
Everyone can follow the evolution of their colleagues by transparency.

This stimulates cohesion, team spirit and facilitates the exchange of ideas.
The method selects a very streamlined and simplified material that does not stain, does not require drying and is accessible to as many people in a few moments.

Simply cut out simple shapes in colored adhesive vinyl.

Then we stick in the space of his choice on the transparent surface.

The set of colors reveals a unique work in the end.

There are multiple formats from 450 to 2000 € approx.

Information: 06 45 10 61 93"

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